October 16, 2017


Tama, Japan


Hancock Shimai a good way

Brain is literally in shambles so please forgive this email:):)
Shambles Reason #1: FINALLY GOT TO WATCH ALL OF CONFERENCE. I literally cannot put all of my emotions about those amazing 10 hours into words other than saying DO IT AGAIN. Common theme: our reactions are the controllable variable amidst the constant of absolutely craziness that always surounds us. We influence the outcome of our experiences based on our outlook! (Uchtdorf and Waddell)
That being said, I know that not everything in our lives will have an easy bright side. But hey who said being happy would be easy? If it were, everyone would do it! We might have to flip the experience upside down and inside out in order to see the good that came from it, but by doing so we appreciate more the fact that God truly does give every experience for our benefit and learning.

1. Focus on the eternal and spiritual lense that God looks through. (Zwick)
2. Look beyond what we see. Look for the daily miracles, the beneficial events given by divine intervention which MAN CANNOT UNDERSTAND. (Hallstrom).
3. Look through heaven’s perspective, seeing beyond the now to the possibilities and their relationships. (Stevenson) There is amazing power in positive thinking and daily efforts to see things the way God sees them. In no way will we become perfect in doing so but thankfully "here in mortality perfection is still pending" (Holland). Everyday we have opportunities to control the variable of our own actions and reactions So we might as well take advantage of those and try to become a little more like God today. So incredibly grateful for the chance we have to listen to and apply the teachings of His servants!!

Shambles Reason #2: TRANSFER CALLS CAME. I AM STAYING IN TAMA!?!?!?!?! LET’S GO FOR 6 MONTHS IN PARADISE WITH THE BEST WARD!! So this is a perfectly good reason to be in shambles and im still training Sister Hancock!!!:))

Fun experience: an Elder in the district this week showed us how numerically the Bible proves the existence of the Book of Mormon. MIND WAS BLOWN. The gospel that we live everyday is the most amazing thing. Only God could have orchestrated such perfect timings. He gave us everything we need and now we have to rely on Him and keep going on that path He set up for us! 

So yeah the past two weeks have literally been the utmost blur. As for now just happy in my little corner of the world with my nakayoshi the Japanese! 
pics: splits, running around in the rain visiting our members, cutest grandpa member lesson in a genkan, japanese flower box ornaments, sports night with cutest investigator, erika! 


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