September 25, 2017


Tama, Japan


Hancock Shimai


Literally don't know what happened this week--was a fun blur and I think there is such a thing of too much rice to the brain. 

Butttt....DRUM ROLL!!! KOTA GOT BAPTIZED!! (this is one thing this week that I know I won't forget) He is one of the Elder's investigators, but kinda our best friend. He is a little dazed from the crowd of members that came, but we are all so happy for him! Honestly Tama Ward has done the best job of fellowshipping him and helping him feel part of the family. They might have been a little overexcited as well because he also got the Aaronic Priesthood and his temple recommend after being confirmed in Sacrament meeting...haha poor kid took it all in stride and we just love him for it! Welcome to the life! Also MEMBERS. YOU ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOU KNOW. He would not feel nearly as prepared as he does without the support of Tama Ward. If the missionaries in your area have investigators coming to church, go meet them! be their friend! please please! 

This week included a lot of running around trying to catch members at home, meals that lasted all of 5 minutes as we ate "onigiri" on the go, having fun introducing Hancock Shimai to various Japanese missionary delicacies, the typical weekly typhoon--which funny story we did service for excercise (picking up trash on the street--(second side note Japan doesnt have public trash cans so you have to carry your garbage with you, but yet it is oddly way cleaner than America...reverse psychology?)--and of course as we are out, TYPHOON, so yeah we had a party sprinting back in the rain, dodging people and scooping up trash on the way! 

In the Book of Mormon, 1 Nephi 3:7. "I will go and do the things the Lord commands." This is a famous scripture, sometimes taken way too lightly. When we say we will do ALL the Lord commands, do we truly mean it? No matter the price? What if it's something hard or scary or pushes us farther out of our comfort zone than we'd prefer? Does that one thing He asked us to do get pushed under the rug? If it does, can we honestly say we will go and do the things the Lord commands? Can He trust us to be that servant that will jump in with both feet, or will we be the timid one that lets the opportunity to serve slip past us until someone braver comes along? Just something to think about. Has been on my mind a lot lately! 
Love Benson Shimai


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