September 18, 2017


Tama, Japan


Hancock Shimai

Weeks Are Feeling Like Days

This week we were running around like crazy, tried to visit lots of less actives and contact potential investigators (PI), I feel so bad for Sister Hancock's fresh-out-of-the-MTC legs cuz its been go-go-go! Keeping busy and love recognizing the little miracles. Also can't believe were already back to Monday.

ZONE CONFERENCE IN YOKOHAMA!! Where the first missionaries in Japan dedicated it for missionary work 116 years ago. Felt like a mini-general conference to me. Love hearing from President and learning some cool things about the history of the church in Japan. It took Alma O. Taylor almost 5 years to translate the Book of Mormon to Japanese. From there it has been translated 2 more times to the version we have now. Literally amazing the work that has been put in to give these wonderful people the good word of Christ. Was reminded how grateful I am to be a part of this work! 

First off last Pday... ate my first raw sparrow and everything. As a district we played jan ken (rock paper scissors, the most popular game in Japan for making decisions) and whoever lost had to eat an egg. Nasty. Never EVER again.That same night we were streeting around Tama center and saw lots of little miracles. One of which was stopping a group of four 20 year olds as they were heading out for the night. We got talking, introduced English, but one of them was particulary interested in the Book of Mormon in my hand. After explaining, he promised to "よく勉強しています." study it well! So fingers crossed that he calls the Elders in the near future! Ran into a couple paraolympians (one who was Indian from England, chillest grandpa athlete ever and madly skilled at badmiton with the coolest accent) but we made some good connections with people and were hoping set them up for the next time they run into missionaries. 

One of the hardest things on a mission for me so far is turning my will over to Heavenly Father. I love the scripture in Mosiah 15:7. Even Christ was LED, crucified and slain...the will of the Son being SWALLOWED UP in the will of the Father. I doubt that Christ was looking forward to being crucified and slain the way He was, but the word led. Makes me think of meekness and humility. He knew that there was a plan in which He played the main role. He may not have been excited for the pain and suffering, but He knew what He had to do to allow the Father's will to be executed. He didn't walk proudly, looking for recognition, rather He was led like a lamb to the altar. He put aside His own will and went as far as to give His own life so that the Father's will would be satisfied. Highly unlikely we will be asked to do something to that extent, but sometimes the things we need to do will be uncomfortable, make us stretch. As long as we are being humble and looking to glorify the One whose errand we are on, we can find out His will for us! 

1-2. Hello Kitty Land at night
3. Experienced Sister Hancock's first earthquake so naturally had to take a picture after, along with her first onigiri
4. Fun companions
5-6. Running into BYU professors and paraolymipans (can't tell but hes got a fake leg)


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