January 23, 2017


Marion Indiana


Sis Jones

Slow but interesting week...and warmer weather.

Hello, everyone.
I hope everyone is doing well. This week has been an interesting and a little bit of a slow week. We have seen some miracles happen in some of the strangest way. We have had some pretty good weather this week to the point where it felt like spring because it felt so warm. Here are some highlights of the week:

Miracle: We went to go teach a very brief lesson to an active mom and her less-active daughter. We played a really fun game of never-have- I- ever with them and then ended up talking about faith. The daughter is so hilarious and so awesome; I love her so much. During the lesson one of her 9 cats ended up sitting on my lap. Not thinking, I petted the cat and touched my eyes after we got out of the lesson. I started to have an allergic reaction and we ended up having to go get allergy medication. As we got my allergy medication, we ran into a lady who asked us about when our church meets. We told her and got her information. Who knew that my allergies would allow us to get a new investigator?

Learn: I feel that I learn so much every week, so it's hard to put it into a short paragraph. Something that I learned this week is about how we need to be chastised/corrected, so we can learn and improve. Without being chastised/corrected, we often don't realize the need to change. It hit me that the Lord has been helping me by refining me this whole entire time, so I can slowly become a better missionary. He knows what I can become and he knows that giving me these moments to learn from, it will help me with that. It is partly because of these moments that I am becoming the kind of missionary that I know I want to be. It's amazing how much you see yourself change as you take a moment and look back.

Spiritual: We had a lesson with Sister Rasener this week. During one of our lessons we ended up reading a chapter from the Book of Mormon. As we were teaching the lesson, the thought of not knowing what to commit her to was in the back of my mind. When it was time for me to commit her, I ended up giving a commitment that was spiritually powerful and definitely prompted by the spirit. I could tell that the commitment wasn't from me, which was the best feeling in the world. It was so great because I could really see the Lord guide me and inspire me in the very moment that I needed.

Service: We ended up organizing, counting, and cleaning a members pantry. I have never seen a pantry so full of food for a couple in my life. I never realized just how much and easily a person could accumulate so many things. My companion and I have a goal to organize, count, and clean their pantry again before next transfers, lol. I was glad, though, that I was able to help because they are such a cute and sweet older couple. I love them so much and it felt good to help them out in the small way that I did.

Funny: We were at a less-actives house and while we were all chatting, the woman's little girl turned my head and decided to try and make me watch TV. It was so funny because, since we can't watch TV, I keep my head down as much as possible. She kept telling me to look until her mom notice and made her stop. It was so cute and so funny because she was a four year old little girl who didn't know much better. I couldn't help but laugh because of just how cute and funny it was.

Testimony: I know this church to be true because I have asked and prayed about it. I know the Lord loves us and wants the best for us. He gives us chastisements/correcting moments so we can be refined as we learn, grow, and change. I know that change is possible and that it happens gradually because I am seeing this within myself. I know the atonement works and that it is meant to be used everyday because it allows us to become better.

Overall, it was a pretty good week that was full of unexpected miracles and generally great moments overall. I love and miss you all. Please take care and may God bless you.

(She didn't send a photo here is another one that I love that was taken as she was preparing to submit her mission papers :) )


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