April 2, 2018


Pendleton, IN


Sister Pino

Happy Belated Easter

Hello everyone! Happy belated Easter! I hope you all had a great Easter. I also hope most of you enjoyed thinking about the Savior and what he did for us this past Easter week and Easter Sunday. As a result, I hope you were able to feel a sense of Gratitude and love from the Savior as I did. This week was a pretty good week with sunshine one day, to snow the next. Anyways, here is what happened this week:

Miracle: This past week we were on our way to a members house when all of a sudden our phone buzzed with a text message. When we opened the phone we found out that it was a media referral. This is where church headquarters sends missionaries information about a person who has contacted missionaries online via the internet. We saw she wanted a bible and a Book of Mormon, so we rushed over to her house as soon as we could. When we started talking about the Book of Mormon, she got really excited because she is part Cherokee herself. As we read part of the introduction with her, she immediately wanted to start reading it. I'm so excited to see where this goes because she truly has an excitement and desire to learn more about the gospel.

Spiritual: We had our ward Family Home Evening this past Thursday, as always, and we were in charge of the lesson. As we started the lesson, I felt prompted to share the Easter video "because of him." After we watched, we asked everyone else what thoughts they had as they watched the video. The room was quit for a moment and then people started pipping up and telling their thoughts. It was amazing to feel of everyone's strong testimony regarding Christ. The spirit was so thick and so strong that it was honestly hard not to feel it. I think this is one of the highlights of my mission because it is one of the moments that I have felt the spirit the strongest on my mission. Words cannot describe how incredible it was to feel the spirit so thickly covered in that room.

Extra: We got to teach our investigator Mary Ann and she is doing good. She is making such great progress in reading the scriptures and praying daily. She is really making an effort to change in her life. I wanted to bring up something in particular that happened this lesson. This last time that we saw her, we ended up extending a baptismal date for Mary Ann on May 12th and guess what..... she accepted and is super excited. She told us how she is really happy to have a date to work towards. Please send prayers her way because she needs them.

Fun: We got to teach seminary this past week. It was so weird getting up at 4:30am in the morning, like I once did as a teenager years ago. We both rolled out of bed, barley functioning, but once when we got to the church we were more awake. We got to teach about Helaman 2-8 in the Book of Mormon. It turned out to be so much fun because it was literally a discussion between one youth and one adult in our ward. I learned so much from them and it turned out to be a really worth while experience. Let's hope I don't get called though as a seminary teacher, because I don't know if I could handle getting up at 4:30 every morning. Lol. After all, I need my beauty sleep.

Funny: We were watching general conference at the church and one of the speakers, Elder Gary E. Stevenson, mentioned a long, complicated word that means "a time where there currently isn't a prophet for the church because they are currently decided who needs to be next." (apostolic interregnum) One of the women sitting behind us then said "try spelling that word." My companion and I started busting up laughing. It was really funny, especially since we didn't expect it to be coming from her.

Service: We went to go do our usual service at Dove Harbor. However, as we pulled up to the parking lot, we realized there weren't any cars there. We walk up to the door, with a perplexed look on our faces, and saw the sign that they were closed due to Good Friday. We both walked away thinking "how could we forget that today is a holiday that most of the christian world celebrates." Whoops, good thing we can laugh about it now. Lol.

Learn: One of the talks that was given was during general conference was one by David A. Bednar about meekness. I thought this talk was so good and interesting because it gave me a new understanding to a word that I simply never really understood, but heard plenty of times in the bible. He talked about how meekness is willful submission, strong restraint, righteous responding. This truly taught me that being meek is being willing to follow the Savoir and his will, resisting sin and temptation, and responding in a way the Savior would. I love how apostles are truly inspired of the Lord and help give us guidance and clarity to things in the gospel we never understood/ knew before. They truly are men of God and I am so thankful that we have apostles to help guide us today.

Gratitude: I am so thankful for modern revelation. This past week, as I have already mentioned, I have been able to listen to our prophets and apostles at general conference. As I sat there listening I was able to receive revelation that I needed to. It made me thankful that we can receive revelation every day and that a modern prophet and apostles are merely the instruments used in God's hands to help give us that needed revelation. It is so great that God loves his children so much that he has again opened the widows of heaven and the full blessings of personal revelation through the gift of prophets and apostles. We are so blessed to live in this time where God's love for all of his children is more abundant than ever.

That's it for this week. Sure love you all and have a great week. Please keep in touch and I hope you all had a happy Easter. :D


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