March 26, 2018


Pendleton, IN


Sister Pino

Had fun making cookies for Youth Fireside

Hello, everyone! This week was a pretty good week and t he sun is finally starting to come out more. Ironically though, it snowed on the first day of spring here. Hahaha. Anyways, so much happened this week that I'm not even sure where to start, but here it goes:

Miracle: about the end of last week we got this media referral for the woman by the name of Tara. She requested a bible, so we attempted to deliver the bible that night. Unfortunately no one was home, so after a couple more times we were finally able to get in contact with her. She opened the door and we were able to teach her a lesson on the restoration that day, right then and there. What was so miraculous about this experience was not only the fact that she finally answered the door, but that we were both able to see just how prepared she has been throughout her life to receive the gospel at this point in time. God really does prepare his people and allows them to receive the gospel at the right time and at the right place!

Spiritual: We have had several lessons with Mary Ann this past week and she is doing so amazing! One of our lessons was about the atonement. At the beggining she asked us how she has even gotten to the point she is at, which made my heart break for her, but lead perfectly into what we were going to show her. We ended up showing her the video "the Savior Wants to Forgive" and she literally started crying afterwards. It was that powerful! Right after the video I felt impressed to tell her "I never left you" and I felt the spirit so strong that I almost started crying as well. It was amazing how strong the spirit was at times. In fact, at the end the member that came with us sent her a youth song that was absolutely perfect for Mary Ann. I love the spirit in lessons so much!

Fun: We had a youth fireside this past week where we talked about sharing the gospel and how easy/fun it is. During the fireside, we ended up having the youth post something about the gospel on social media. It was so much fun to see how creative the youth got. We had a fun time getting in some of the pictures with the girls too. The youth had a lot of fun with it and saw that missionary work really doesn't have to be that hard. I honestly think it is one of my favorite, and most fun times, I've had with the youth on my mission so far. Then we got to have these cute shirt and tie cookies that we helped make (more details to come). I love missionary work and showing others how fun, easy, and simple it really is.

Funny: We had a dinner with this member named Sister Scott and the elders investigator Mary. Sister Scott ended up talking a lot longer than we anticipated. We had a ward FHE that night at 6:30 and we were just struggling to get out of there on time. The elders ended up calling us to help us have an excuse to get out of there faster. It was really funny. Only in Indiana. Haha.

Extra: We had our zone conference this past week and it was as good as always. Sister Pino and I ended up singing this song called "come unto Christ." I was pretty nervous at first, but once I got up there the spirit helped calm my nerves and it just felt like I was bearing my testimony about the Savior through song. I gave my departing testimony too and felt really weird. It's so true that when you get to that point you are at a loss for what to say because you can't tell in words enough what the mission has done for you and how much it has changed you. I felt very blessed and thankful though to have the opportunity afterwards. Most importantly, I learned so much about how I can be a better missionary and what I can do to be a better help to my investigators, as well as a tool in the Lords hands. I love how I am able to walk away from zone conference feeling that I learned so much and then apply it right away.

Service: As mentioned above we made cookies with our relief society president this week for the youth fireside that we had. It was so much fun and I honestly had no idea exactly how frosting was made until that day. Dang, frosting can be pretty messy too, but so much fun to work with. I think I am now starting to discover a liking for baking, even though it's not a strong suit of mine yet. I loved seeing our creations come to life through frosting. It was also really fun getting to know sister Swartz and help her out too. I love service.

Learn: During zone conference our mission president talked about something called "law of equity." He talked about how God is a loving and just God. President said that "all will be made right in the end." He tied this in to what the law of equity actually is, which is that God will judge us based on the desires of our hearts and the circumstances we were in. If we did not a have a perfect circumstance, then we would have made different choices. He did this to comfort us in not worry about those loved ones who might have turned away from the gospel or simply not accepted it. I truly love how Gods plan really is perfect and fair!

Gratitude: I am so thankful for the beautiful gift of technology. This week, due to some craziness, we weren't able to meet in person with Mary Ann as much as we would have liked. Thus, we had to have a couple of our lessons this week over skype. It is such a beautiful thing that we can communicate with others, especially our investigators, via technology when circumstances don't permit. I love how we can have daily contact with members, investigators, and friends back at home to help increase their faith and help spread the gospel to them. I love technology being a part of this mission. It really is a blessing!

That's it for this week. I love you all and hope you have a great week. Keep in touch and don't forget to prepare for Easter this coming week. Take time to remember the Savior this week and what Christs resurrection means to you. This really is a time of great reflection and gratitude for the Savior and what he's done for us. Also, make sure to check out the Easter Video on called "Because of him". I promise that it will help you to remember and draw closer to the Savior this Easter weekend. Love you all and take care. :D


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