March 5, 2018


Pendleton, IN


Sister Whittle

I get to finish out my mission in Pendleton IN :)

Hello, everyone. Transfer news is that I am staying and that I am getting a new companion sister Peno. I have never meet her before, so I'm excited to get to know her. I am sad to be losing sister Whittle because she is super awesome! I've learned and grown so much in this companionship with her help that I'm really going to miss her. Off to a new adventure though this transfer! Here is what's happened this past week:

Spiritual: On exchanges this past Saturday we had dinner with this really awesome member family named the Micheals (or at least I think this is their last name). What was really cool was that after we had dinner, a video came into my head to share called "the will of God." It fit perfectly because we were able to tie it into our talk during dinner about God having a plan for each of us. It was so cool that the spirit inspired me to share that video with them. You could really feel the spirit when we watched the video. It could literally have not been more perfect.

Miracle: We went to church this past Sunday and we saw the elder's investigator Dree with a friend named Mary Ann. We went up and introduced ourselves and Dree, who is soon to be baptized, told us how she really wants to learn more and that she is in our area. Even more amazing, she is the niece of our ward mission leader! She really wants to have a fresh start and seems to be looking for hope in her life right now. I'm really excited to start teaching her because she is such an awesome soul who is really searching to learn more. Missionary work from members and non-members alike are literally the best. This is exactly why we need members to be doing missionary work because it is so much more effective and powerful when it comes from the mouth of members who are living the gospel every day. We can't do this work without members because they are key. I'm telling you, missionary work works!

Fun: We had family home evening and it was so much fun. We played missionary tag and everyone was running out of breath by the end. One of the members even ended up tackling one of the elders down to the ground. It was so funny. Then we got to play signs and it was really fun. I love spending time with the members. It was sad that the turn out wasn't very good, but we are really working on getting FHE going off the ground more, so hopefully there will be more people soon. It's starting to get advertised more, so I really hope investigators and members start coming, as the whole point is to get members fellow-shipped with investigators.

Funny: We were over at the bishops house and we ended up getting into a discussion about how to pronounce caramel. It was so funny because one of the elders is a chief and pronounced the name different than how most people say it. We then started talking about how to spell it and how it is pronounced, It was really funny because it went on for 15 minutes. You had to be there to fully get how funny it was.

Service: We go to go to Dove Harbor this past week and exciting news.... We finally got the staff supply room all organized. We got the biggest thing of all organized, which was the cabinet of all the office supplies. Needless to say, I was pretty proud! By the end we took a step back and looked at all of the work we did. It looked so pretty and organized, I loved it. I love tidiness and organization! It is literally one of the most satisfying things and this was especially satisfying because it was such a big project.

Extra: We saw our investigator this week named Aaron and completely by the spirit sister Whittle extended baptism to him. He stopped and thought about it for a moment and then said "I'm not sure yet." We were a little sad at first, but afterwards we said "wow, he actually thought about baptism." To me it was really cool because even though he didn't accept the invitation. He still isn't opposed to the idea. He's thought about it and even thought about it in the moment. I know he'll get to that point and it's cool to see how gradually through this experience he is getting to that point.

Learn: I feel like I have learned so much this past week, but one of the things I have learned is about myself. I have learned, finally, that I tend to get overwhelmed with all the little things. I now realize that making one specific plan or a couple general plans truly are what will help me to really finish strong. Making plans and setting goals are so important, but it's also important to do it little by little. If we try to do too much at once we get overwhelmed. We need to continuously be growing, but just as the scripture say it needs to be line upon line. It's amazing how sometimes we don't learn things about ourselves until latter on. I knew it before, but I think I am now starting to finally internalize it.

Gratitude: I'm so grateful for my companion. I literally have grown so much from her these past 6 weeks. I have come to a better understanding of myself and how I can better love myself. I have learned more fully about the atonement. I have learned from her how to loosen up a little bit more and have moments of laughter a little bit more. I have learned hope from her. Most of all though, I have learned how to be a better missionary because of her help and the spirit that she carried to teach me those things. Ultimately she was a tool in God's hands. God and Christ are the ones that have helped change me this transfer, they just send me sister Whittle to help me along the way.

Love ya and hope you have a great week. Talk to you latter. :D

P.S. Photos are from when we ran into the sweetest lady in our ward...Sis. Lahr. She took us to lunch and sent these photos to my mom :)


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