November 27, 2017


Miamisburg, Oh


Sister Kishpaugh

Amazing week and Thankful for all ofyou.

Hello, everyone! This week has been a pretty good week. There has been sooo many good things that have happened this week that I can't even fit it all into one email. They have all been because of the spirit though and not me. It is getting colder and colder as the days go by, which makes me not excited for winter, but I have enough winter clothes to survive.:D Anyways, here are some highlights for the week:

Spiritual: We had this really awesome lesson with an investigator named Tammy. She is the cutest thing ever. We came in and the first thing she does is she gives us a bracelet. We then sit down after we talk a little and begin the lesson. What made this lesson so spiritual was the fact that she told us how growing up she always felt like something was missing as we went to church. It got even better after that because as we started talking about the Book of Mormon she pulled out her Book of Mormon from years ago. We turned to a certain scripture in the Book of Mormon and guess what... she had the scripture marked!!! She is so elect and I am so excited to see where the next lesson takes us!

Miracle: We had a really good lesson with our investigator Sally, even though it went way longer than we expected. She talked again about the first time she went to church, like she does every time. What was the miracle about it was the fact that she said she needs to just act instead of just wait for another "wow" moment to come. She has never said that before, so talk about amazing! What was the best part though was the fact that she said she is coming to church in December no matter what! this was so exciting because of how difficult it is for her to go to church with all her heath issues. Talk about amazing!

Extra: We had a really great lesson with a member named the Johnson's. They are a super awesome family! We both felt like we needed to share the new Christmas initiative "light the world." It was so awesome because they started talking about a way they can light the world by inviting friends to the Christmas party. It was so cool because they asked us about how they can invite their friends and we did our best to help them. They totally came up with people to invite to the ward Christmas party on their own too! By the end of the night they even gave us a referral of a part-member family to go try in January. It was such a good night!

Service: We went to go rake leaves for this lady who is less-active in our ward not only once, but twice. It was fun raking leaves and feeling like we were helping her out in some small way. We were able to get her whole front yard done and you would never believe how many leaves can end up on the grass. We also did it for a former investigator to help soften her heart towards us coming back some time soon, despite all of the family struggles she is going through, and she really appreciated it. It feels so good do help others and this week was certainly not an exception.

Fun: We had dinner with a member as well as her non-member co-workers and some less-actives in the ward as well. Both of us felt like we needed to share the "light the world" video, as well as share a scripture from the bible, and it was a success! Even though none of them are interested in the our faith, it was so amazing to feel how think the spirit was. Everyone felt it so strongly in that room that they got teary-eyed. They kept talking about it after we left too. It was so much fun to see their hearts softened and to see how touched they were by the spirit. It made me really grateful that I was able to be a tool in his hands and have such a good time getting to know so many great people.

Funny: We went to try this potential and to make long story short the dog rubbed up against me a lot because of who I am and who I represent. After we got home I started reacting because of my allergies to dog hair. Anyways, I decided to take two Benadryl pills to help my allergies calm down. They definitely worked, but what I didn't realize was that it would make me super tired. It ended up making me really tired the rest of the night. The funny part is that it also made me really loopy the rest of the night too. It was quit the sight.

Learn: This week I was having a really hard, emotional, moment and I didn't know how to get out of it. My companion was right next to me and helped me get out of the emotional struggle that I was having. She has gone through some of the same emotional struggles that I have been through, so she knew exactly how to help me in the exact way I needed it. In that struggling moment I learned one way I can let things go and deal with some of my emotional problems. It was way cool to see how through my companion I learned something that I never thought of or learned before. I learned how both visually, and physically, how to allow the Savior to help me more (sorry to be pretty brief, but it's pretty personal).

Testimony: i have a very strong testimony that things happen for a reason. I have learned more than ever how God has put me in the areas I have been in for a reason. I have been put with the companions that I have had for a reason at the time that I needed them. I needed the companions I have had at the time I have had them to learn and grow in the specific way I needed to at that time. I know that God loves and is aware of his children. I know there are tender mercies all around us, if we are wiling to look for them. I know that it can be hard, but if we really look there are always things we can find to be joyful or happy about.

Well, got to go. Love you all and hope you all have a great week. I just wanted to say how thankful I am for all of you and your love and support. Please keep Stephanie and Chris in your prayers please (they are our investigators). Take care and happy holidays. :D


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