November 20, 2017


Miamisburg, Oh


Sister Kishpaugh

It's Cold...but the work is progressing

Hello, everyone!
This week was pretty good and there was some pretty amazing miracles this week. In fact, there were more miracles than I could possibly imagine or ask for! It's getting colder and colder, but the cold can't stop this sister! Exciting news before I start out the letter, one of our investigators Stephanie is on date for baptism on December 30th! We're pretty excited to help her be prepared for that day. She's probably one of the most reserved people I have ever taught, but I'm sure she'll open up more eventually. Anyways, here is a snapshot of the week:

Miracle: One night we were driving and trying to think of who God needed us to go see next. We looked through our plans and a potentials name stood out to us that we needed to go try. Both of us got out of the car feeling like this is the house that we needed to be at. We knocked on the door and this really cute bigger woman answered the door. She immediately let us in. We started talking to her and soon after we talked to her she mentioned how she has already read the Book of Mormon after seeing an advertisement on the TV. I was in shock and immediately shared a scripture from the Book of Mormon. We now have a return appointment with her and are super excited.

Spiritual: We went to go teach one of our progressing investigators named Sally whom we haven't seen in a while due to heath problems and visits to the doctors. It turned out to be a really good lesson because after we showed her a video about keeping the commandments, the subject of church came up. We tried to ask her inspiring questions to better understand what is holding her back from coming to church again. We learned a lot about what is holding her back. What was really awesome about the conversation is that she can now say she is working on coming to church, whereas she couldn't say that before. It was truly a spiritual lesson, in the fact alone. that we were able to be guided to ask inspired questions that helped us understand concerns that are holding her back.

Service: We volunteered to do some service of planting Bulbs in her grass. As we were doing so the elders drove up so they could use this less-active members drive way. As they pulled up we said hello and talked a little before they walked off. It is so funny because every time we are in their area we somehow always get caught. It was really funny. You would not believe how many worms we found either. Who knew getting down and dirty gardening could be so much fun.

Fun: We had a zone conference and it was such a great experience! What made it fun was that we got to have the woman who created the young woman's program that we have today come and speak. It was so amazing to hear from her. She taught me a lot and even one of my new favorite sayings which is "it's not 10 minutes, it's obedience." It was so fun to be with other missionaries and gain inspiration from our mission leaders. Our zone ended up singing too, with me conducting, which turned out okay. Sister and President Welch joined us at the end because we were so quiet, which made me chuckle a little on the inside.

Funny: We went inside a store earlier this week, which to clarify I don't normally do, in order to get a few things that I needed and was completely out of. As we are checking out this Jehovah Witness comes up to us and starts preaching to us scriptures from the Bible, which wasn't done in a contentious way at all. He was very excited and you could definitely tell he was a preacher. It was so funny to watch. Then he gave us a hug as we walked out. To be honest it made me really uncomfortable at first, but now I look back and laugh at it.

Extra: We had dinner with this part member family named the McWaters. At first I was really thrown back by the husband because he definitely showed he wasn't open to wanting to learn anything about our church. In fact, he told me how he probably knew more about my religion than I did. However, as we just talked with him I saw how he really was a nice man (he was pretty nice to us overall). He joked around with us the rest of the night and kept saying how he liked us. It amazed me though at the end how he looked into both of our eyes and said how I was a happy go lucky person. Looking back I realized he saw a light in me. I don't know how much of my light softened his heart, but I definitely knew it did something for him.

Learn: This past zone conference there was a lot of talk about obedience and how it important it is. One of the biggest things that I learned from that past zone conference was that we are asked to be obedient in all the little things. We can't pick and choose which commandments we are going to be obedient because when we do we are stopping our ears and not being open to hearing the voice of the spirit. Complete obedience is important because it is the first step toward the kind of progression that our Heavenly Father intends for us. To be honest, it's not always easy to be obedient and I was asked during that conference to be obedient to something that was really hard for me to do. However, I made a decision to do it anyways because I knew that is what I needed to do. It's still not easy, but I can already tell the difference by making even a small 5 degree adjustment.

Testimony: I know that this church is true. I know that we all make a difference in peoples lives, whether great or small and whether we realize it or not. I know that I could do nothing in this work without the spirit. The spirit is the real teacher and I strive to be more worthy of it every day. The spirit is the one that has guided me on what to say, where to go, and what to do. It's been amazing to me the difference in a lesson or finding people to teach when I choose to listen to the spirit.

I love you all and hope you have a great week. Take care and don't forget how much I miss you all. Wish me luck in the cold and pray it doesn't snow here please. :D

P.S.One of the photos is of a members baby who is absolutely the cutest thing. She loves to take my nametag and it's really funny.


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