November 6, 2017


Miamisburg, Oh


Sister Kishpaugh

Love my new area & Companion!

Hello, everyone. As you have already heard from last week, I am officially in Miamisburg, Ohio. It was really hard to leave West Chester because of how close I was to the people there, but I know that I'm here in Miamisburg, Ohio for a reason. Overall, It's been a good past week here and I'm really glad to be with my new companion. Her name is sister Kishpaugh and she is from Queen's creek, Arizona! Another Arizonian! Anyways, here is a snapshot of the past week:

Fun: Since, transfer day was on Halloween, we had to be in early. In fact, we had to be in our apartment by 6:30pm, in order to avoid all of the trick or treat. We didn't get any in our apartment because mostly old people live there. Anyways, after unpacking for a couple of hours, my companion and I watched Finding Faith in Christ as we ate ice cream with a lite candle in the middle of the floor. It was fun to spend some time relaxing and watching a movie in our pajamas. Plus, it gave us some good bonding time. :D

Service: We go to this place here called Threads. It is a place where they give free clothes to people who are in need. It's similar to the service in my last area called out reach lakota. However, it is different in the fact that we bring them a bucket of clothes that they ask for,which are sorted out into sizes before hand. It felt good to help out others who were in need, and the people who volunteer there were really fun to be around.

Funny: My companion was driving the car and as she was driving in the car she had to immediately stop at a red light, which she would have ran if she didn't see it in time. All of a sudden, the water that I was drinking, spilled all over my shirt. We were both laughing because we thought it was so funny.

Extra: We had the idea to make cookies for some member whom we have been working with and for some member who might be struggling. We made the cookies and delivered the first one to a family with the name of the Cash. We went over and caught the daughter, Hope, sitting outside. She told us how much her mom and her are struggling. As she told us of her struggling I felt so much love and sorrow for the things this 14 year old is going through. We offered her help and she told us she would let us know what we could do. It was so cool to see how the spirit inspired us to go see this struggling family, so we could catch Hope at the right time and offer our help and love to them.

Spiritual: We were walking around this neighborhood in search of a potentials house. We got a little lost and saw this guy getting out of his car. We immediately went up to talk with him. His name was Chris and he was super nice to us. He told us how he lost his wife about a year ago close to the holidays and how hard it was for him and his family. He said it was really traumatic for him and because of it, he has had to work 2 jobs to support his family. We immediately testified of the plan of salvation. It was amazing to me to feel the spirit as we taught simple truths about it. He told us we could come back and I'm really excited to see him this week.

Miracle: We were walking around and again ended up getting a little lost. We saw this woman at the buss stop and tried to talk with her. Apparently she was baptized a while ago, but stopped going to church. She told us how she wants to get back into church. She actually just moved into our area and said she was talking to some elders a couple of days ago. We got her number and have since texted her. She hasn't responded back yet, but we'll keep trying. It's so cool when you are unknowingly lead by the spirit to lost sheep.

Learned: There has been a lot of things that I have learned this week. One of the many things that I have learned this week is that when tell others about the gospel, it can be as simple as teaching them truths. It was amazing to me to see how as we were talking to Chris we didn't teach him a full, long lesson. All we did was teach him simple, restored truths about the gospel that we know to be true. It's easy to think about missionary work as having to be a long discussion or something big. I'm coming to realize more and more that missionary work is quit simple and really doesn't have to be big or complicated It is simply sharing resorted truths that you know and believe in at the right time, in the right way, and by the spirit.

Testimony: I know that the Lord is aware of us. He puts people in our lives for a reason. Every person we have in our lives we can learn from. Each person has so much to offer and teach us, all we have to do is be willing to listen, watch, and learn. We truly are all children of God. We really aren't that different and have way more in common with each other than we think. I know that we are sent in peoples lives to help them in the way that only we can.

I love you all and hope you have a great week. Know that I love and pray for you. Please continue to keep Liz and Marianne from my last area in your prayers. Talk to you next week. :D


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