September 18, 2017


Mason, OH


Sister Rollender

I get to stay here. Love this area

Hello everyone! Well, I found out transfer information this week and after being told wrong information by one of the missionaries, I officially found out on the call this Saturday that I am staying! Sister Rollender and I will be together for another transfer here in West Chester! The funny thing is that sister Rollender told me how she has never stayed with a companion more than one transfer, I guess I'm breaking that streak for her. :D I am really happy about staying because I really love the people here in this area, especially the really solid people we are teaching. Anyways, without much further adue here are some highlights for the week:

Funny: We were walking around a neighborhood trying to contact some potentials in the area that might be interested in learning more, and as we were walking we saw a big group of people. Lately in our mission we have been strongly encouraged to talk to everyone. Even though I was super intimidated I decided to try. I went up and started to talking to them when a member from our congregation leaned forward and said "hi girls." I did a double take with surprise and couldn't help but laugh on the inside because it was just a funny situation.

Extra: We were at a members house and as I was getting up to help clear the table, I saw a nickel. I looked around and asked who left a nickel on the table, because I thought it was intentional with my last name, but it turned out to be just coincidence. It was really strange because it just came out of nowhere, but I guess that just means it was my lucky day. Funny how random, odd things will happen like that.

Fun: We went to a relief society activity in the hopes that one of our investigators would show up. The investigator didn't end up coming, but we were still able to have a good time because we were able to talk with a lot of the ward members. We ended up helping to tie a quilt. Found out that I am not very good with needles because I ended up getting a cut in my finger. (lol) Oh well, it was still fun because we got to be with the ladies in the ward and we got to help make a quilt!

Spiritual: This one is really hard because there was a lot of spiritual moments this week! One of them was when we went to go see a less-active lady named Maria Roderiguez. She is super nice and actually just married a non-member. We were hoping that the husband would join in, but he wasn't there at the time. Anyways, we went in and it turned out to be a really powerful lesson because one of her sons bore testimony twice. His testimony, for only being 10, was super powerful to the point where Maria and I were in tears.

Miracle: Maria came to church with her son McShane! It was literally so great because when I asked her how she felt at the end she told us how she felt so much better that she came to church. I thinks he even got a little teary-eyed during church as well. What was even more amazing about it is that her son liked church too. He was smiling by the end and even though he might not be interested in learning more right now, he wants to keep coming to the mutual activities! It was amazing to see church leaders really step it up and too see how touched they were by the spirit.

Spiritual: I was going to talk about some service we did this week, but since service was the same as usual, I decided to throw in something spiritual instead. We went to go teach a family about the gospel and ask them to pray about missionary opportunities, in which we call priesthood directed finding. When we started the lesson, one of her sons said how he has been praying about the Book of Mormon to know that it was true. I thought it was so cute and so touching that this young child has already been praying about the Book of Mormon at such a young age, so it really touched my heart.

Learned: I was talking to the mission presidents wife this past week because I have had a hard time forgiving myself and understanding fully how forgiveness in repentance works. I have heard about it a lot before, but I came to realize I didn't really understand it. She committed me to study out repentance to find the answer for myself. After my studies I had three pages of notes with things that I learned. It would take too long to explain and tell it all, but one of the things I learned was that once we have meet the conditions of repentance then we qualify and are entitled to his forgiveness. It stuck me that all of us truly are entitled, and yes deserving, of his forgiveness and grace, whether we think we are or not, because we have done our part and repented. It's amazing to me that this gospel really is full of so much love and mercy.

Well, I'm sure there is much more I could say, but to keep this short and not too long i'll end it here. I love you all and hope that you have a great week. Keep in touch and stay safe. :D


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