November 6, 2017


Rexburg Idaho


Month 1

Hello All!

I have already been out for a month! It seems crazy. The weeks go by so fast. I feel like I just left! This week was halloween and we stayed at a member house and played games because a lot of the college age students dress up as missionaries and pull pranks. We have had a pretty busy week. We now have 2 new investigators that we are teaching and my companion and I were asked to create a video that shows how you can use social media to spread the gospel! Which I challenge all of you to post on social media on how God has blessed your lives this week! I am currently reading Our Search for Happiness by M. Russell Ballard. If you haven't read it I suggest that you do! I read it during my personal study time. Also, if you were wondering it is cold here in Idaho. I sleep with 4 blankets haha! One of the blessings of serving at BYU-I is that we get to go to the devotional each week on tuesdays. Last tuesday it talked about how important it is to keep a journal. It helps us see God's hand in our lives and is useful for our future posterity. I love the people here in Idaho it is so fun seeing people grow in the gospel and helping them be able to learn more about how God loves them. This last sunday somebody was baring there testimony and said about how her brother always spends time studying the scriptures and she told her brother "How do you find the time" And he responded "If I don't have 30 minutes for God, I don't have 30 minutes for anybody.." I loved that and I think that is so important. I know that we all have busy lives but if we make the time for God to learn more about him or to pray/talk to him that he will bless us immensely. I want you all to know that I am doing good and that I haven't freezed to death! I love it here and I am so grateful that I am able to serve the Lord. I love hearing from you all! Have a nice week! :)
Sister Valdez


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