October 30, 2017


Rexburg Idaho


week 3-4

Hey Everyone!
I am finally in Idaho. I left last monday for Idaho and met my companion on tuesday. Her name is Sister Allen she is the best. I am going to sending a ton of photos this email. So anyway the area that I am over is Rexburg so I am the BYUI campus missionary, It is really cool because we are able to teach people all over the world. Right now I am teaching someone from Nepal and from china.
We get fed like everynight. The percentage of mormons is 98.25% here in Rexburg but we still are busy ALL THE TIME. I was able to run into Alyssa McDonald this last week. It is weird beign at BYU-I.
We also had a baptism this saturday. My camera isn't the best so my companion got it. Also they celebrated halloween as a town and had the hocus pocus characters. They also had a lot of carnival games. A member had us over for dinner the other night and told us a very cool story. So a professor had Elder Bednard over to speak during a class and to have a question and answer session. One of the young men stated " Elder Bednard, I got my mission call and I don't think it was from God" Elder Bednard sat there for 5 minutes pondering than said "I know that you are meant to be serving the poeple of Alaska" The young man did not say that he was going to alaska. SO COOL. Everyone God knows us personally. I know this. I love serving and I am excited to be here in Rexburg. My favorite scripture is Alma 38:5. Read it and trust God.
My address is 250 E 4th S Apt #7 Rexburg, ID 83440 if you want to write me letters.
Love you all!
Sister Valdez


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