October 17, 2017



Week 2

Hey Everyone :)
I have made it to week 2! It's been a spiritual filled week. I was able to be apart of the dedicatory prayer of the two new buildings at the MTC. The prayer was given by President Eyring and it was so special and he blessed for the comfort of the missionaries and I was very grateful for that because sometimes I am getting a little homesick. But I just remember why I am here and how amazing Idaho is going to be. It is seriously so gorgeous here. The mountains surround us and the buildings have pictures of Jesus Christ and bible stories. I would love to say here for a longer than I can but I leave for Idaho next tuesday!! I thought I was going to be taking a plane there but it turns out I am just taking a bus. The bus ride should be about 6 hours. Also I got the oppurtunity to go to the temple last tuesday with my district. We are also going today. The temple is beautiful here and it is kinda different going to the temple with 18-20 year olds. My companion and I have been teaching people already and it is so fun and it has been teaching me a lot about the gospel. Last tuesday we had an apostle come to give us a devotional. It was Elder D Todd Christofferson. He talked on the importance of the Book of Mormon and I can testify that the Book of Mormon can change lives. I have been studying it everyday and I have learned so much from it. I also was able to re look at the articles of faith. And its so nice to have a simpflied version of what we believe in. So on Sundays we are able to watch movies. The first sunday we watched Elder Bednards Character of Christ and it was so great. He basically told everyone to stop looking inward and to look outward like Christ. And then last Sunday we watched one by Elder Holland and it honestly changed my life. He basically yelled at us to stay focused on the work and not to think about the outside world. He told us to stay obedient and said "if it is the Lords work than do it the Lords way". this week I was just reminded to keep my faith. One thing that really stucked out to me was when my teacher said "What would you do if you weren't scared" And I think that can apply to a lot of our lives. SO what would you do if you weren't scared? Miss you all and love you guys.
Love Sister Valdez


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