October 10, 2017



Week 1

Hello All!
I made it through week 1 of the MTC (Mission Training center). As I was driving to Provo from the Salt Lake City airport I was thinking in my head "What in the heck am I about to go do?" But as soon as I stepped foot in the MTC I knew that I was right where I belonged. I was able to meet my district after I quickly set my luggage down in my dorm room. There are 3 other sisters in my district and they are all going to Idaho Falls! We leave on October 23 from the MTC to go to Idaho. ( Same day as Mary Davis!! ) There are 6 Elders, ( boy missionaries) they are all going to the Indianapolis, Indiana mission. I met my companion! Her name is Sister Latham and she is the sweetest thing with a huge testimony to share with everyone. There is a lot of things to learn here at the MTC we have 6 hours worth of classes and then we are suppose to find time through out the day to do some personal and companion study. We were able to meet with our Branch Presidency and they are all so sweet. The Branch President, President Redding asked me and my companion to be the Sister Training Leaders of our zone because the Sister Training Leaders before us just left on Sunday. Basically we are just suppose to look out for the needs of the sisters in our little zone. AND we get a phone. But we only receive calls from our Branch President and MTC info desk. We also can only call the info desk. Yesterday was the first day with the phone for me and my companion and in the middle of planning I had the feeling we should go get the phone from our classroom and check it. We checked it and there was nothing on it so we continued to go to lunch without checking it again. While I was in line the Zone leaders came and just handed me their phone because President Redding needed to speak with us. He told me what he needed to say then after lunch me and my companion checked our phone and we had 10 missed calls from President Redding. It weird to have to check a phone after getting accustomed to not having a phone.
We were able to watch Elder Hales funeral at the MTC it was really good. I felt like I was kinda watching conference espescially since there were some elders behind me sleeping. But one of the main points that I liked from the funeral is how much Elder Hales wife supported him through out his life and especially with the church. I hope that I can be that kind of wife some day. But hey I do not have to worry about that for another 18 months!! We are already teaching investigators it is exciting but frightening at the same time. I have more preparation to do but I love the spirit you feel as you are teaching people more about Jesus Christ. We read in 3 Nephi 27; 19 - 21 in the Book of Mormon and I really enjoyed the last verse 21 about how it says ye know the things that ye must do in my church; for the works which ye have seen me do that shall ye also do" I really liked that because I know that I am suppose to be here that the Lord wants me here and that I am doing what Christ would do. Also if you have the chance reread the talk that Elder Jefferey R Holland talked on during General Conference. It is awesome and so insightful.
I would love to hear from all of you and I will try my best to respond! You can send me letters or packages at
Sister Alicia Marie Valdez
2005 N 900 E Unit 45
Provo UT 84602
Love you all!
Sister Valdez
P.s. I have a bruise from Aaron to remember him by so I don't miss Aaron yet!!


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