April 5, 2013


Provo MTC


Hermana Macey & Hermana Stewart

Cafeteria roast beef on a crusty roll. Happy Easter!

JK. Easter was sweet, even though there was a disappointing lack of deviled eggs and bunny cake. We had an MTC-wide Sacrament meeting with Bishop Causee and his wife. So awesome. My companions and I sang in the choir, and apparently KSL was filming it for a segment between Conferences on Saturday. So keep a look out for us. Then Sheri Dew came for the Sunday night devo and it was just awesome. I'm sure Cristina told you all about it already, since she's pretty much her hero. Then they showed a video of an MTC address by Elder Bednar a few years ago about the Character of Christ. mind.blown. We all seriously had nothing to say for like half an hour afterwards.

In the temple this morning we did a session and I stayed awake (almost the whole time- whose idea was it to have missionaries go to a 6:30 session?
seriously.) and in the celestial room I just had this overwhelming feeling of "everything's going to be all right." And I know it's true. I have so many
weaknesses and things I need to work on, but God called me to this work and He'll help me do it better than I could on my own. I'm doing all right with leaving so far, but sometimes I have mini freak-out sessions just thinking about being in Chile, surrounded by Spanish, with a new companion, and having the most important message in the world to share. It's pretty crazy when you think about it. But I'm ready.

Last night our district gave us (sisters and elders) comfort blessings, and it was an awesome experience. Not to get too detailed, but the Priesthood is amazing. There were some points in mine where I wouldn't have been surprised to look behind me and see Dad talking- the wording and phrasing was exactly like every other blessing I've ever had. So that was a comfort in itself- like a little piece of home. Then I took notes for everyone else's blessings, and it was crazy to see how different they all were.
Then this part scared me the most: "God has put people in your life here at the MTC for you to overcome, and will continue to do so for the rest of your mission." So your continued prayers in that aspect would be really appreciated...
On a happier note - he said I've worked miracles at the MTC for myself and others, I've changed myself while here and the Lord has softened my heart, I
will be able to overcome the challenges I face, the Lord will have a hand in supporting and guiding me, not to fear for lack of comfort and strength, and to not lose faith in myself or those around me. {Mom and Dad you don't have to edit any of this out - I'm totally an open book.} So all good stuff, but some warnings to buckle up for real quick.

Our roommates left Tuesday morning for Costa Rica and San Jose, and they were sooooo loud- they woke me up through my ear plugs. So then I couldn't go back to sleep and I wandered around the residence and wrote Annie a German letter. Good stuff.

We got two new roommates on Wednesday - both native Spanish speakers going to Pocatello. They're so cute and friendly, and we made a rule that we can only speak Spanish in our room so they can help us as much as possible before we leave.

Oooh I just found some dried mangoes in my sweatshirt pocket.

In-field orientation was yesterday - eight.long.hours. But it was actually really good. There were some things we talked about, like planning and contacting that I wish we had done sooner so we could have practiced, but with the new 6 week program it just wasn't possible. But it was all good stuff.

The TRC last weekend was my favorite so far. We had this little old lady from Peru who was just the sweetest person that ever walked the earth. I smiled for about 20 minutes after we finished. The Spirit was so strong and I just loved her before I knew anything about her. The Church is awesome like that.

In other news, Piri and Cristian are getting baptized!! In our WoW lesson with Piri he said "but people say tea is good for you" and I said "well God said it's not" and he said "okay." So that was it. boom. baptized. Cristian got a blessing to help him overcome his alcohol addiction, then didn't drink for two weeks and is all set. So that was sweet. Great way to finish off the MTC.

Soooooo.... don't freak out if you don't get a phone call from the airport. I probably shouldn't say that, because you'll just worry for the whole weekend.
But seriously - there're fifteen of us in our group, we're only getting to the airport an hour and a half before our flight leaves, and 1/3 is the biggest
dilly-dallier on the planet, so 3/3 and I are just assuming we won't have time to call. But I have the phone number anyways, so I'll be ready. And Mother's Day is super close right...

Anyways. On to happier things.

Benjamin- I already said I'm sorry for letting the snake eat you. What more do you want from me? I'm not sure if it was an anaconda or what - I was running pretty quick. And I'm going to quote Pitch Perfect as much as I want (I already do) thank you very much. Don't tell me how to live my life.

Mom - I have never loved a pair of shoes more in my whole life. thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you. Seriously. Sorry the Host was
disappointing. Or was it? I don't remember. Good to hear you're having fun without me! Thanks for the talk about being in the middle - it's a great way to look at things. AND I still don't know how to use my Essential Oils. And from what I hear, I'll want to get started on the fleas right when I get there. So
maybe if you send Ricky instructions he can give them to me on Monday morning before I leave.

Ally- you are the worst April Foolser ever. Seriously. I got your Dear Elder on April 4th, so my companions and I had no idea that you were lying about Robert Downey Jr. until our new roommate who still knows about the outside world said it was a lie. So thanks for nothing.

Dad - loved what you said in Sacrament on Easter. The Savior knocks and knocks, His hand is stretched out still, but it really is up to us to let Him in. My BoM professor said "The Spirit is the most polite person in existence - he never comes unless he's invited and he leaves whenever he feels unwelcome." Surely the same is true with the Savior.

Ammon - stop blowing your clarinet in girls' ears. And write me a letter sometime. Or ever.

Sam - same for you. Not the clarinet part - the letter-writing part.

Okay I think that's it! Love you all!! Hopefully I'll talk to you on Monday, but if not you'll hear from me in Chile. Wish me luck! May the Lord bless you all.

Eliza Beth


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