March 15, 2013


Provo MTC


Hermana Macey & Hermana Stewart

Another Hand-Written Letter

Hola Familia!
Here we have the inevitable letter of things I forgot to say in my email. Bur first off, let's talk about how amazing this pen is. So amazing, it's like writing with a pen crafted by Hephastus himself. Wow, that was so nerdy. Get me out of here! JK. But seriously. Anyways....
So I had a dream that Mollie died. Yes? No? Just say yes and let me move on. Also Ally - why haven't you taught Gandalf to say my name yet? I'm starting to think you guys don't even miss me. JK. Who doesn't miss me? Even I miss Eliza, because no I'm just Hermana Andreasen all the time. It's awesome, but I do miss my name. So thanks, Ricky, for calling me Eliza in my letters.
Okay, I didn't say anything about my investigators. We finished teaching Claudio, and now Hermano Arnold is Christian. his whole family was recently baptized, and the elders who were teaching him got transferred, so that's where we come in. We first taught him yesterday, and it went really well. For me, anyways. One of my companions had been having a breakdown while our sub was helping us prepare our lesson, and he was super awkward and didn't let us stop to figure out what was going on, so by the time we had to teach, she had no idea what the plan was. Well, I guess that's not true. She's just not confident in her Spanish to say anything she hasn't written out and studied before. Which is junk, because she's so much better than she thinks she is.
So she didn't contribute to the lesson, and for some reason my other companion was having an off day, so it was pretty much all on me. So we chatted for a few minutes to get to know him and then just jumped right in on baptism, saying that his family is separated from him by something (this was drawn out in a picture) and making him come to the conclusion that the roadblock was baptism. He had received all the lessons and commitments from the elders, so all he has to do is stop drinking (he runs a vineyard). So anyways. At some points I was afraid I was going to offend him by being so direct, but I just said what the Spirit told me to. And afterwards, the other trainer who had been observing said that it was the best lesson he had ever seen. Ever. So that was pretty cool, I guess. It really made me look back on the scripture that says, "Use boldness but not overbearance." The Gospel is true, so what's the point of beating around the bush? Just say what's up, and the Spirit will carry your words to their hearts. And if the still reject it, it won't be my fault. If I do all I can to invite and help (those are the only verbs for missionaries in the Purpose), the rest is between the Lord and the investigator. That's why PMG really hits the difference between being disappointed and discouraged.
Anyways, thank the Goffs for their Dear Elder letter. It was really sweet. Good luck to them preparing to serve! I know they'll be amazing.
I've only gotten one email - from Dad on my first day. Is that a glitch? It's fine if it's not, because DearElders son las mejores. Pero whatevs.
Ask Victoria Brewer Farnsworth if she knew a girl at USU named Madeline Macey (the Christmas Tree Bandit, or, my personal favorite, The Grinch who Stole Christmas from the Dead.) Google it if you don't know what I'm talking about. Totes hilar. But don't believe most of what you read. It's pretty trippy.
So dad - you were in a tripanionship? It's pretty sweet most of the time. Teaching is pretty hard to get used to, but I love pretty much everything else. So yeah. I'm really trying not to like one comp better than the other, but that's just how it goes sometimes. But I love them both.
Anyways, I'm about to go back to the computer to send some pics, so you're welcome.
Ricky bought me a case of ginger ale and 3 boxes of saltines, so he's my favorite.
So things are going great. My companions are still as diligent as ever, (which is a lot - not like that one picture I sent home.), and we always get up on time and make sure we're where we're supposed to be. Not like our roommate (the gargoyle) who sleeps through service and until 11 on p-days. It's pretty crazy. I can't see how she does it - I mean who likes to sleep in? Not me. Ever. And I'm so easy to wake up that it doesn't even matter. JK. But seriously, I'm really good. And I'm so grateful that my companions are, too. Otherwise this would be really hard. You guys know....
Anyways, life's great. It's a beautiful day. We're sitting out on the grass writing letters / studying. The temple this morning was awesome. But they really should have picked a time better than 6:30. It's more than a little difficult to stay awake, but I do my best.
Okay, I think that's it. Still love you all. The Church is true. Amen.

Hermana Eliza

PS - Dad, right now I'm wearing jeans, a t-shirt and sandals. For lunch I had a sandwichl My bedroom walls are white cinderblocks. My sheets are tan. My pillow is lumpy.


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