March 29, 2013


Provo MTC


Hermana Macey & Hermana Stewart

Volleyball Changed My Life

And guess who holds the record for half-court b-ball shots? This girl. (3,

Anyways, hola!! Feliz D'ia de Pascua (casi)!!

Hope everything's good on the home front. The sun is shining, the tank is
clean (sometimes I really do feel like I'm in a tank; or a prison.) and we are
getting out of here. But seriously, we got our travel plans yesterday!! We leave next Monday (April 8th) at 10 am (thank goodness it's not 3 like our roommates) and fly direct from SLC to Santiago. I've been chosen as the travel leader because I'm the most spiritual and mature and... jk I have no idea why. Apparently I'm in charge of making sure none of us misses our flight or gets arrested for terrorism or something. There's 15 of us all going to Vi`na, so it's going to be a pretty sweet trip. So stoked. I'll give you more details as I get them.

Things with the investigators are still going good. Piri's getting baptized!! It was awesome in our last lesson because we tried super hard to be
open to the promptings of the Spirit, and all three of us had the impression to ask him to pray in the middle of our lesson when he said he still had some
doubts. And he did, got an answer, and agreed to be baptized. The Spirit is
real. And of course we receive revelation for our investigators - God called me to this work, so why wouldn't He help me do it the best I can?

Our other investigator Cristian is coming along well too. I think I told
you how I've been really direct with him and just laid down the law? Well a few
lessons ago he said he was afraid to answer when we came because he hadn't done his reading and he thought I would knock down his door or something. But afterwards Bro Arnold / Cristian told me to never lose that fire because it's exactly what some investigators need. And the Gospel is true, so why not?

Trent Parke from Iowa helped teach my class yesterday. Super weird. And
Tyler's been teaching in my zone for the past five weeks and I never recognized
him. Small world.

Elder Gubler just let slip that he plays the bassoon, and I really wished
he had said "it's like a balloon with s's..."

In the Music & the Spoken Word on Sunday they mentioned Evelyn Glenney
(a deaf percussionist who performed with MoTab) and I need you all to look her up and be amazed. What a Spirit.

Sometimes I wake up to the Bell Tower right outside my window and expect to
look over and see my best roommie Emily Blackhurst snoring away. It's pretty weird...

Remember how I was whining about the snow last Friday? Well yesterday I got
a sunburn. We sat on the grass for like twenty minutes to plan our lesson and my fair Utah skin just got burned to a crisp. Typical.

Spanish is still going good. I've learned everything there is to know (from
the MTC at least) (and not to sound braggy or anything) but it's hard to
remember when to use it all. But I know that will come with practice. And the
gift of tongues of course.

Somebody PLEASE tell me how I know Charity Suttner from Saint George. She's companions with Hna Macey's best friend going to Georgia (the country). Oh and that's an awesome story. They're the first sister missionaries to go there, there's not a BoM in Georgian, and they'll be the only two sisters there for nine months. I know all missions are important, but it's amazing to think of what awesome people they must be for the Lord to trust them with that. And they are.

Can you share the Mormon Message "Mountains to Climb" on my Facebook? My favorite part is with the British mom and her son. Sometimes in life we put
ourselves in this little bubble of what we think is important, and it just takes
a little reminder to bring us back to the things that matter most- family, the
Gospel. We just need to be willing to recognize those subtle signs when they
come, because God won't always smack us in the face like Alma or Saul. "The
Savior is always there to pick us up when we fall short, or things get too hard. He knows perfectly every disappointment, sadness, pain, sickness- everything. So why suffer through alone when you can have the constant companionship of a Perfectly Loving older brother who wants nothing more than your happiness? He loves you, He knows you, He wants to help you. I know that's true more than I
know anything else."

Is Allison Meiners really on a mission? Cristina said she saw her but wasn't sure...

I saw Asha Stapley- just got here on Wednesday. Looking as cute and bubbly
as ever.

Aimee from Philmont keeps following me around. Seriously, what are the odds of New Mexico and BYU and the MTC? It's awesome. We were just talking about how I had to turn down the Ranger job and it was just Satan trying to get me to stay home. But I know this is where I'm supposed to be and I'd rather be the Lord's
representative and hike around Chile than Philmont's representative in God's
Country any day. (Dad she asked me to send my emails to her but I don't have her address on me. I'm pretty sure we're Facebook friends- could you forward this to her por favor? If anybody could do it you can...)

Okay remember me and my snake dreams? Well God sent me another one when I accidentally slept in for a few minutes. There's nothing more effective. And I'm sorry Benjamin - but I just couldn't save you.

MTC choir is awesome!! Why didn't I do it 5 weeks ago? On Tuesday we sang
Joseph Smith's First Prayer and it was the most amazing experience to have 600 missionaries bearing their testimonies at the same time. The Spirit was so strong.

I heard the MTC bought Raintree and WyView for housing? Crazy.

Dad, you were right- it took me 5 weeks to love every elder in my district
and now we're saying goodbye way too soon. Also did you send me pictures of
Brothers Filley and McLeod as Napolean and Kip? Because that's the most fantastic thing I've ever seen.

Ally - Heavenly Father definitely was protecting you. I'm glad you could
recognize that. Tell all the girls I say hi. Sorry Mr. Bahama Bucks is in love again. Your life is so hard.

Sam- your Espa`nol is already better than mine! So thanks for translating
everything you wrote. I def lawled for multiple minutes. And you only cried once in Les Mis? Whose sister even are you?

Ricky - when you slid that letter under the door I almost ran out after you
but our DL flips whenever siblings visit our class (he literally kicked out
Elder Blackham's twin brother...). But "the pendulum indeed swings in both
directions" is the truest statement I've ever heard. I needed right at that
exact moment.

Mom - nice to hear about WB - sounds like a good time. I thought you were
dead for a while, but I can see that you've repented of your sins.

Well I think that's about it. Life's good. The Church is true, the Book is
blue. Amen

Love Always

Hna Eliza


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