March 15, 2013


Provo MTC


Hermana Macey & Hermana Stewart

I baptized Honey Boo-Boo

I'll get to that.

But first off let me address what I'm sure has been weighing heavily on everyone's minds. My branch president said we're allowed to take naps on P-Day!! Woo-hoo!!

Anyways. Things here are going good. My daily schedule goes something like this: wake up at the crack of dawn, eat, teach, study, class, study, eat, study, class study, eat, class study, class, teach, sleep. But it's great. I really do love it here, maybe not all the time, but I know this is where I'm supposed to be and I'm with who the Lord meant for me to be. And I'm working really hard on having patience with the elders in my district, but when they say stuff like (I kid you not) "Do you think it would be all right if I brought a snack to the temple session tomorrow?", it's a little hard for me not to go berserk. But it's a process.

Also, I'm super glad I brought ear plugs. On Sunday night I woke up at about three in the morning to a gargoyle sleeping in my room. Seriously. It was worse than Becca at Philmont. So after an hour of half-waking up I finally got some earplugs out of my suitcase, and also gave Hna Macey a pair because I could tell she was dying. It was hilarious.

Anyways. Saturday night was pretty much the worst because of Daylight Savings. I wanted to kill Benjamin Franklin about thirty times on Sunday. Long live Arizona!!

Before Relief Society on Sunday all the sisters go into the gym and watch Music and the Spoken Word, and it was super weird to see two of my BYU professors.

And we watched a clip from Elder Holland where he said "modesty is always fashionable," and I'm sure you can guess what I was singing for the rest of the day.

At the devotional on Sunday night three sisters did the arrangement of Savior, Redeemer of my Soul from 17 Miracles, but it wasn't nearly as good as mine and Emily's. Just saying. But the Spirit was still there so it was cool.

And after the devotionals they play a movie, and this week was Legacy. It was super weird because I used to listen to the soundtrack while studying at the MTC, so it was crazy deja-vu all over the place.

Dad. You haven't sent me any more chistes, so I have some for you. Que dijo un Jaguar al otro? Jaguar you? wakwakwakwak

Also, porque los Lamanitas siempre tenian propas? Porque los Nefitas tenian los planchas.

And que animal anda con solo una pata? El pato.

The only time I've been trunky was reading my dear Ally's letter. But it was fantastic and I lawled for about twenty minutes, so keep them coming. And just so you know, it sent all of them as one letter. So I didn't look cool with
seven letters. Lame.

Nacho Libre finally makes sense because I know what Choque La Mano means.

Mom - thanks for the dried mangos, if that indeed was you. It's like a little bit of home.

Ammon- stop fainting. You don't have to be the center of attention all the time.

Benjamin- stop acting like a pompous old windbag. (Ally is that from something?)

Samantha- I love you. Like a lot.

You've probably heard that they changed the email rules, but don't worry - my emails home won't be any shorter than they are otherwise. Promise.

I'm sure Ricky told the story of dropping Cristina off, but let me tell it from my end. My companions and I sat on the wall at the front of the MTC watching all the new missionaries get dropped off (bad idea by the way - it was more than a little depressing seeing all the moms crying.) and we were just about to give up and go to class when I saw them! But they had to pull around to the opposite side of the MTC, so I was weaving my way through all of these distraught families and crying children, all while trying to keep my companions with me. That was quite a feat. And then I caught them and we took pictures and blah blah blah. But the funniest part is that afterwards my companions said they were sure we were going to get in trouble (back story: last week they left their backpacks in the hall outside the cafeteria and the front desk confiscated them. And when we went to get them back the lady literally said "those are a fire hazard. (even though they were between a couch and a wall...) and if there was a fire we would all be in trouble. I don't know about you guys, but I don't want to die." Oh the front desk. So then she wrote them up and said "I'm going to have to give these to your branch president and he'll have a talk with you." Seriously? Patience and long-suffering, that's our motto with the MTC
rules. But it's all right. And we haven't heard anything from President Tyler - we're pretty sure he had a good laugh and threw them away. He would.

So anyways, that's it. Life's good, I'm good, and I love all the letters.

Have you gotten both of my hand-written letters by now?

Oh wait. There's something else... Oh yeah, Honey Boo-Boo. I had a dream - actually it was probably a nightmare- that I taught their family and they all got baptized. But it was pretty hilarious. And terrifying. So yeah.

Also, I'm not sick anymore! Well, not as sick as I was. Seriously, a stomach ulcer? What am I, fifty years old? So yeah, after I hadn't eaten for six days and I told my companions that I had lost 13 pounds, my wonderful RN Hna Stewart practically dragged me to the health clinic. We got to take a field trip down to the pharmacy at the Student Health Center, so that was cool. I'm still on some medication, but I'm already doing much better. And the problem isn't that I get stressed because I keep everything inside (Mom did a good job of teaching me how not to do that.) because we have such an open companionship. It
really is wonderful and has been a great blessing in my life.

So yeah, now I think that's it. I've seen Cristina a ton and she seems to be doing great. Ricky leaves me lovely notes in my classroom which I absolutely love. (Except when you write in Spanish because the only thing harder than
reading Spanish is reading Spanish in horrible handwriting. Just kidding, I love it. Thanks bro. And my lunch is 11:15. And I saw Angelina again and she also wants to take a picture with all of us. Funny story real quick - I saw her in the hall but she was doing SYL so she couldn't say any English and after like 30 seconds of her talking to me (in Hungarian) her companion came up and started translating. It was pretty hilarious. But it all sounded good to me, and I know she's going to be a fantastic missionary.) So yeah. Now I think that's it.


Hermana Eliza


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