March 2, 2013


Provo MTC


Hermana Macey & Hermana Stewart

Second Hand-Written Letter

Hola Familia!
Sorry for the weird email. I just had so much that I wanted to tell you that I tied to say everything.
Let me tell you more about my companions. They're both going to Vina on the same day as me, along with some more hermanas and elders from my district. So that's really exciting. Hermana Macey is tall with long dark hair and loves to laugh. She spoke no Spanish before coming here, so it's pretty tough for her. She said she could understand pretty much everything from our lesson so when we left the plan she couldn't say anything for the rest of the time. She got pretty discouraged, but Hermana Stewart and I cheered her up.
So after our lesson we made a study plan for to help (hmmm - that works in Spanish) Hermana Mace and our own personal study plans. I know it will all work out. During our lesson, I just felt such a love for Claudio and I wanted him to learn the truth so badly, even though I know he's really an MTC teacher. He said he already knows that God love him, just by the fact that he wakes up every day and the world is beautiful. And that's great, but there's so much more happiness that the Gospel brings: the joy of repenting, eternal families, and living forever with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I just want everyone to know that. And that's exactly why I'm here. To help bring others unto Christ and feel the joy that I have always felt.
So anyways, I have the best companions in the whole world. Sometimes it's tough being in beginning Spanish (no surprise there based on my telephone call) with people who have never even heard Spanish before. And even though I could easily test out, I know that i was meant to be in this companionship for a very special reason. I can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for us and what we can learn from each other. We're teaching Claudio again today, so your continued faith and prayers that we'll be able to learn the language of the Spirit (and Spanish of course) will be much appreciated. I can feel your strength often, and I'm grateful to have come from such a good family.
While I'm on that subject, I've only heard from two of you: Cristina once and Dad three times. I didn't get to read your DearElders until last night because I was always so busy right up until 10:30 and wanted to keep my commitment of perfect obedience so the Lord can work miracles through me. But anyways, Dad your letter made me cry a little. Not because I was sad or missed you so much (although I really do), but because I could really feel how much you love me. You've always been so good about making sure I knew how much you loved me. Thanks for that.
And Cristina - I sure do love you. I miss you, but I'll see you soon!! And to the rest of you - repent. How do I know you love and / or miss me if you won't tell me? JK. I know you do, but it sure would be nice to hear. And seriously, DearElder me everyday. The district leader checks the mail twice a day and hands it out at dinner, and you have no idea how bad it feels to not get anythings. Since the days feel so long, it feels like forever between daily letters. So I could literally read, "Hey Eliza! I love you. I went to school today. It was fun. I scored a goal in soccer. Ok, bye." every day. It's free, so easy, and really means a lot. So please, please, please. And Dad - could you maybe promote that on FaceBook? DearElder and my address? I sure would appreciate it.
Okay, now to some business that I forgot in my email. I think I forgot my inserts (orthotics). I could use a half slip instead of a full. I'll probably be leaving behind some clothes and my heels (don't bring them, Teen - so...much...walking...), so how should I get them home? Mail? Give to Ricky? We have 5 1/2 weeks, so no rush. dad, can you send me the 501 verb book on the shelf in the game room? Or if you think it's a little big to carry around, there's a smaller version here in the bookstore I can buy. Whatever you suggest. Please don't send a lot of junk food in a package. My companions and I are being really smart about eating a balanced diet. Lots of fruit and veggies. I even ate a bowl of cracked wheat for breakfast. Mom - I'm really sorry you had to grow up on that. And gym time is awesome. It's great to get out of the classroom and just run stress off. And I'm down 4 pounds since I came in, so that's nice.
The Spanish is going well. I prayed in Spanish on Wednesday in our Zone / Branch meeting, so that was pretty cool. I wished I had practiced that more at home and not been embarrassed. Everything from school and Dad is coming back quickly, so I'm able to help pretty much my entire district. But your prayers for me would still be much appreciated.
All right, my time's up. I love you all. Write me! Seriously... And Dad, the FaceBook updates were pretty sweet. Honestly not distracting at all.
Love you. The Gospel is true. I know this is where I'm supposed to be.

Hermana Eliza


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