December 16, 2013


Villa Alemana, Valparaiso, Chile


Hermana Chavez

It's Not Looking Anything Like Christmas

Hola Familia!

Man, how the time is just flying by! Already halfway through December, transfers are this Wednesday, and then, Christmas! Woot!

But intermediary of all that, Bernardita's baptism on Sunday! Double woot!!

Stopped drinking coffee, passed her interview, understands that becoming a member = going to church every week for the rest of her life, showed up in a skirt, wants to start coming sola instead of with the Julios, is still working with her husband, we'll see how that one turns out.

It's been a crazy week getting everything done and making sure she's actually ready. But looking back on the whole process, I really feel like we haven't done much. All we did was teach her the lessons and point her in the right direction and she did her converting all on her own. Which is how it's supposed to be. Right? It was just a beautiful experience and blessing for me to get to watch that process.

This week is gonna be nuts working out all the details, so a few extra prayers that everything works out and nothing goes wrong would be bien appreciated.

Thursday we had Zone Conference with 3 zones (stakes) and President Kahnlein and Elder Svec from the seventh quorum of the 70. It was pretty sweet. I had to recite Alma 57:21 - when the assistant was conducting he said "Hermana Anderson" and the actual Hna Anderson gave me a worried look and I gave her a wink, but I think my DL Elder Hall thought it was for him... whoops. Totes awk... Got some shampoo for white elephant = score.
Other assistant says he has a package for me, turns out it's for Hna Anderson... oh well. Guess I'm not really expecting anything anyways...

Prezzy K gave us all copies of the Book of Mormon - calculated that if you read 30 minutes a day you can read the whole thing in 3 months, so we're gonna read it through 4 times this year (well, 3 for me...), each time marking something different. Forgot to write down what it was, so next week I'll send it if there are any peeps who want to follow along.

Now on to the big news...

CRISTINA!!! Woot!! Going back to Anaheim!! Maybe that's why I dreamed about Disneyland again last night... Now I really extra can't wait to Skype next week!! Mom and Dad - stop crying.

Thanks for officially confirming to me that Kylie is indeed prego again. Also married. I really appreciate it...

Especially for Ally: if you're still a picky eater, it would probs just be better if you didn't go on a mission, cuz you'll find people who yell "Esto es una ofensa para mi!!" and that's just plain awko taco for everyone, especially your comp who actually usually eats most of your food for you anyways... So just think on that...

Speaking of Christmas, still don't know anything. Wednesday morning I'll know more (But Dad - that doesn't mean you need to attack all the Chilenos I know and ask them... I'll have Mamita Jenny tell you as soon as I know, okay?)

And I think that's it for this week. So much to do, so little time, so many great things happening.

Love you all!
Keep being the best family ever and working for the Lord (in the same work) on the other side of the world!

Hermana Eliza


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