November 12, 2018


Guayaquil North Mission


Elder Strang

Love someone, The 1975

Hey everyone! I have survived this week, it was a bit more frustrating but a lot of blessings came my way because of it. I got a fed a ton this week, I pretty much only ate breakfast at home, I am thankful for that. The main thing for me this week was loving all the members who have helped me and Elder Strang out, feed me and him, and also all the new people Ive been teaching. So Im just feeling really great and I hope I continue to feel that way. But yeah I had a lot of fun with members and my investigators.
Cool story: So the day sucked cuz there was no one to teach and there was nothing to really do about it. So me and Elder Strang were feeling pretty sad and I wasnt really feeling like serving anymore but some punk kids called us out as we walked by. We went up to them being very cautious and one of them said "Teach me something".
At first I was worried I was gonna get robbed at some point but really they were pretty cool and now weve continued to meet them on the corner of the street regularly and teach THEM,.
What i got from this was that when you feel at the lowest point, thats when the Lord shows you something. From that point on the week was great for me and Elder Strang. So that was great and hopefully this week can go just as well.

Me with da boiis, more pics with da boiis, and even more pics with da boiis!
PS Happy one year to Elder Strang and Elder Leal!
PSS Happy birthday to my older brother Ander who turns the very young age of 22 this Tuesday! and to my special little princess my youngest sister Isabella turns 9 this sunday! I love you both and I hope you have a terrific birthday!


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