October 2, 2018


CCM Bogota Colombia


Elder Chepe

Working for the Weekend

Alright boiis here is number 2. Honestly there is no much to say about being here at the MTC. I just sit the whole day I swear I have butt injuries.
Entonces I will just sum up some highlights of the week cuz the realhighlight was saturday.

1. I am progressing super well most teachers dont pick up that I could not speak spanish before I came. So I guess I know Im here to learn spanish but more so, Im pretty good at doing lessons in spanish now too.

2. All the elders are still super dope, trust Im having a lot of fun, laughing all the time, it may be sad to not have so many dudes around.

3. I taught the latinos to say MY BOIIII so they call me that and call each other that all the time. Even my teachers tell me now that I have a fire lesson.

4.Um a funny story would be I sang a musical number this week and the hermanas and the first verse and this sister starts going off and Im like dang it now the elders are gonna sound like trash. So I sang as loud and well as I could, hopefully it went well

Anyways the reason Saturday was so great is because WE WERE OUT OF HERE! We went to an area with an elder named Justice. BOii this guy was a babe. Dont have much time so Ill share just 4 important stories to me

1. We were on the side of the street and it had literally had only been ten minutes. But I saw this woman just sitting and I felt really strongly to go talk to her. So I asked for permission and asked Elder Chepe and we were both nervous but I inisited. So we went and actually got her contact! This is significant cuz she was the only person we talked to, so Im like technically have a 100% record lol

2. We were on a bus which is 100 times worse than brampton transit. We were at a stop and I was giving space to get off and this like 50 year old dude starts shoving me off, so I started shoving back until eventually we both got off and it stopped. I guess its a good fight story not really, the guy had a good arm lol

3. This elder had 3 baptisms on saturday so I spent half the time in the capilla. I was lucky to be a witness for two of them, and I took part in another surprise musical number.

4. Okay the spiritual story is we taught a lesson on a mountain. We climbed for about 30 minutes and my legs were noodles. Anyways once we got there, the people didnt have a doorbell. So we threw rocks and yelled Hermana! till she let us in. When I walked in there was no door, their door was a hannah montana blanket, their beds had no bed frames, these people didnt really have anything, yet they graciously let the missionaries that came in sit on their beds while they sat on the floor. Humbled really. Then Elder Justice surprised us by just saying to tell them why us missionaries were here. and in that moment, I dont think I had ever spoken better spanish in my life!
The gift of tongues is super real because I think the right words were just flowing. The ladies were really touched and were crying the whole time while each missionary sincerely said why they were here. I teared up a bit too cuz it was really at the moment I knew that I was here to be in these environments and let these people know the truth and bring joy and happiness into there lives. Elder Justice invited them to be baptized and they said yes. It was the best experience of the week.

Thanks for tuning in you dudes sorry this email is like really scrappy but just know Im chilling out here with ma BOIIIIIS

P.S. The hermanas say I look like Andrew Garfield, not sure if that true or not but i find it funny cuz they dont know the first name so they call me Garfield like the fat cat.



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